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For DTC Ecommerce Brands

3PL Selection Made Simple

Discover the smart way to save on fulfillment & cut delivery times with our intelligent 3PL matchmaking service
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A few of our many supported ecommerce platforms & fulfillment solutions:

How It Works

Save With The Right 3PL in Four Steps

We're Dedicated To Helping DTC Brands Save On Fulfillment Costs.
Here's How Our Four-Step Process Works:


Upload Order History

Send us your shipment data or select a standard configuration to get started


Get Matched

We use your fulfillment requirements and customer geography to match you with fulfillment warehouses from our vetted 3PL network


Compare Quotes

Get transparent pricing and compare quotes that estimate total landed cost using your order history


Save Money

Select, onboard, and save with the fulfillment provider that best optimizes your distribution network

How We're Different

Efficient Distribution Networks Begin Here

We Recognize The Nuances In 3PL Pricing. Discover An Innovative Way To Improve Your Fulfillment Strategy.

Lower Shipping Costs, Improve Delivery Times:

We use your past shipment data to estimate landed cost given a fulfillment center's geography, service fees, and shipping rates.

We solve common issues when partnering with the wrong fulfillment provider: Inflated parcel carrier rates, Poorly located warehouses, & Long delivery times, and more.

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3PL Marketplace

AI-powered tools help find the best 3PL for your DTC brand

Easily Find The Perfect Match

We Offer A Unique Approach To 3PL Partner Search. Here's What Sets Us Apart:
Free Network Study
Fully Managed Process
Optimally Placed 3PLs
Price Transparency
Vetted 3PL Network
Customer Support

How Much Can You Save By Choosing The Right 3PL?

Start picking your fulfillment provider like a pro and save BIG on fulfillment costs.
Transparent Pricing
Optimally Placed 3PLs
Detailed RFPs

Our story

Who We Are

Our Story

Who We Are

Tired of witnessing ecommerce brands partner with the wrong 3PL due to the nuances in pricing, we have taken a different approach by using your store to selecting a partner that's a win-win for everyone.

From our time as consultants and operators that have selected 3PLs for the largest to smallest companies, we let the numbers speak. Our process works for Fortune 500 companies and we know it can work for you, too.

For more complex projects we are proud to partner with the top-notch consultants at LIDD Consulting

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List Your 3PL
3PL Marketplace

Our Marketplace Of 3PLs

Get connected To Thousands Of 3PLs with our matchmaking service

Outbound Fulfillment
Chicago, IL

Fulfillment Centers: 1
Capacity: 20,000 sqft.
Services: Pick / Pack
Preferred Regions: US Central

Works with the smallest to the largest of clients over 10+ years running, managing, and operating 3PLs. We bring the expertise and knowledge to grow your brand

Hatch Fulfillment
Woods Cross, UT

Fulfillment Centers: 1
Capacity: 40,000 sqft.
Services: Pick / Pack, FBM, FBA, Packaging
Preferred Regions: US West

Hatch Fulfillment is a leader in the inventory storage, warehousing, and fulfillment. and sourcing industry. Our team consists of individuals in the US and China, who work tirelessly to provide an amazing customer experience.

Your 3PL Here
Anywhere, USA

Fulfillment Centers: -
Services: -
Preferred Regions: -

We would be excited to include your fulfillment center in our marketplace. Please don't hesitate to reach out!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We got answers.
How much does the service cost?
Our RFQ service is totally free for ecommerce brands. No commitments or minimums are required.

Will I need to install any software to use the service?

Nope! There is nothing to download or install. Our 3PL consultants can work with most data formats exported directly from your ecommerce platform.
What if my brand is new and doesn't have customers yet?
We'll use a standard model based on US population data. To best predict your future customers' center-of-gravity, we can apply filters for geography, age, income, occupation, and more.
Can uQuote find the optimal 3PL for my omnichannel brand?

Absolutely. With the help of the experts at, we can optimize your fulfillment strategy no matter the requirements.

How Does uQuote make money?
Great question. 3PLs in our network pay us a small finders fee for your introduction. All quotes are guaranteed to match the providers' rates had you contacted them directly.